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[TR] Mt. Cashmere - East Shoulder 12/2/2006


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I guess that is why I forgot where it is!!! Never went back a second time. Went to the new thai place mai lee this eve. Pretty good, but not stellar.


They're new. They just have to work out the bugs, get used to the locals...They'll be around for a while.


For perspective...did you know three years ago the Wenatchee World voted the Wenatchee Skippers as "Best Seafood" restaurant in the area?

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Quit dissing my neighborhood and eatery. While getting my usual order of curried fried yellow rice with tofu last week, I spoke with one of the owners of The Thai Restaurant in Wen., and she told me the owners of the new Thai restaurant in E. Wen. aren't even from Thailand.


In reviewing my posts, I don't see anywhere that I've disparaged Shoreline.


The new owners are from Laos, which is close enough for me. They can be from Butthole Wisconsin, so long as their food doesn't resemble that garbage from Thai Restaurant.

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