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Lots of freshiez in the Wallowas!


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I'm putting my studs on now and will commute as much as possible with them, making a lot of sudden starts and stops. My goal is to grind in ruts deep enough on I-84 that the super-modified honda civics w/ the tail fins high-center on them this time.

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It's snowing today here in northern Utah. From the sattelite IR, the Tetons are getting hammered. Meanwhile, in Colorado, an early-season ski record was set (http://www.skipressmag.com/2001/usa/index.asp). I think what this means is that skiers and boarders will get their panties in a bunch, then the weather will kick back to an indian summer. Or maybe the snow will harden into an ice layer that will result in early season nuclear-level avalanche danger. Or maybe it'll be a banner snow year!

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Originally posted by rbw1966:

Tires equal gear in the NW. If'n you can't get to the mountains, you can't do any climbin'.

My house (caretaking 300 acre's rent free, did I mention that I hate spending any money other than on trips, drink & gear?) is at the gate of the only reasonable access to a 1000 ft north facing granite buttress that has year round ice and grade 4 rock. I can get to the mountains with out tires [Cool] Sorry for the un-abashed chest beating.


live small - climb large (move to where the climbing is)

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To find snow depth info in Oregon (Washington too), go here:




You can get weather data (including snow depth) listed every 6 hours. Also historic data in case you are planning a trip to an area that you aren't familiar with. I grew up in TG's area so monitor the Moss Springs Snotel site since we go over an ski in.

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