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[TR] FA Gloomy Ruminations IV 5.10, 8 pitches


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Sorry this post is a little late. The route was done on labor day weekend with Trevor Bowman and Neil Kaufman in the Beartooths, up rock creek outside of Red Lodge. The Pensive Spire on had one other route on it that followed the left ridge on the picture below. The route was a good rock and went farily well. We hiked in on saturday and set up camp and took our spoting scopes for a little hike and went out to pick a line and this is what we cam up with. The route we choose faced north west and did not get sun until noon so the first few hours were pretty cold to say the least. The pitchs were long we had two 70 meter ropes and five of the pitchs were a full 70 meters. Here is how the pitchs went:


Pitch 1: 5.6R 120 feet


scramble across scree


Pitch 2: 5.4R 140 feet up to the firt step


Pitch 3: 5.9 65 meters up the thin crack


Pitch 4: 5.8 70 meters up around the corner and back on to the step


Pitch 5: 5.9 70 meters up the around corner up the inside corner


Pitch 6: 5.8 55 meters up the corner system




Pitch 7: 5.10 70 meters through the roofs and chimney


Pitch 8: 5.9 70 meters up the corner and scramble to end of rope.




Scramble to the top fruit.gif



Descent: Hike over to whitetail pass and take the easy switch backs back to camp.


Gear Notes: Doubles of everything up to #2 and one #3, many small cams and nuts.





Some other photots from trip:



There was a crazy layer of smoke one night and it reflected the light weird and gave us these crazy colors on the range behind us.


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How was the rock on that side of the buttress? I climbed the left side and it was downright terrifying at times. I have six nuts on my rack from people's rappel stations. I should have taken that as a clue. It also seemed considerably harder than what Brunckhorst has in his guidebook.

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