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Be a Porter?


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My knee isnt what it used to be, and there is a big new route I want to do.


this is just a feeler to see if there is anyone who may be interested in portering a load for a few days next week. Of course I would pay$.You would also summit a cool peak along the way

Is this cheating?

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Namaste wayne1112. Going rate for porters it be $15 / day.


Autumn season is quite busy season you have to booked your flight ticket in advance and get peak permit? otherwise in the mean time you will not able to get a flight or peak. Do we have to manage? or you going to manage by your self.


Cost not includes:


1. Personal clothing and equipment (backpack and water bottle), sleeping bag (US $ 2 per day)

2. Climbing permit

3. Personal accident and health insurance,

4. Emergency evacuation and oxygen and medical expenses

5. Alcoholic and bottled beverages, deserts, mineral water, laundry, tips and expenses of personal nature.

6. Expenses due flight delay, sickness and other contingencies

8. Hot showers, expensive lodge with private bath & toilet.

7. Any other services and expenses that are not specifically mentioned in the programme..

8. Sightseeing tour, major meals


we are looking forward to hear from you.

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A friend of mine warned me I'd get a lot of shit with this thread. Deservedly so too, I think.but the season here is very short here though and before we all know it : rain


I am looking to meet a new friend here and have fun like always, but it needs to be clear, the route is nasty hard, and I can think of only 3 people I would even consider asking to climb it with me. Stoke?!!Yes,the drive is still there.

I know the porter oncept is alien to this area but, there are potential route that sccream for carry help whether self performed or not.

For example: the 2 Picket traverses would be possible into one, if resupplied at Picket Pass and a desupply of technical rock gear wasmade.This is not he trip I have in mind here but you get the idea . flame on

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No flames from me Wayne, you're right to ask. I'd volenteer but 30 miles 7000' elevation gain you'd be carrying me along with everything else.


I will say to any strong young pups listening, take this most exellent opprotunity to hang with Wayne.


And carry his stuff.




Send it Wayne. Hey, might look into Llamas if you can't hook any pups.


Standing back for sheep jokes now in ...1.....2......3........

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