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Price dropped on the 4 x 4 full season pass! We can buy them starting Sept 1.




Who's in to getting into a 4 x 4 pass besides me? Let me know and we can put together a group.


2006-2007 season pass pricing


We’re pleased to announce that the 4x4 price will drop from $425 to $400 (which is the introductory price from three seasons ago); and the 3x3 (for age 15 – 22) and the 2x2 (for ages 7 – 14) will remain the same price as last season at $300 each and $200 each respectively. We will still require the group requirements (four for a 4x4; three for a 3x3; two for a 2x2). The deadline for these products is November 5th and they must be purchased through Meadows website..........

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I have never regretted anything as much as I regret getting one of these passes a few winters ago.


Screw Meadows!


Wow, no kidding. You must be young. Shit give it some time Goatboy, you'll have plenty to regret later in life! It just keeps piling up too. grin.gif


First you regret getting drunk and passing out, regret smoking the opium, getting f*ed up and doing your first hit and run at 14 years old, regret doing the heroin, the 5,000 bong hits, the bad acid trips(not the good) regret getting locked into Crystal meth for the extended period of time, regret almost gutting a guy with a knife, regret getting married, regret a paricular job, regret running from the police, regret not getting some other job, regret not dropping out and living in the Yalley for a few years, regret not making more money, regret not working out harder, regret working out too hard and pulling the tendons - etc etc. blah blah.



You should count your blessings if that's your biggest regret in life for you are truely blessed. grin.gif


I don't regret going up 26 times last year, most of them a kick-assed time with my 15 year old son. They extended the season end from Apr 15th to later June sometime, but I was rock climbing by then. No regrets, life's too short already.


Gaper, it's you and me buddy. I'm pretty sure I have 2 more.

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I feel so dirty paying to ski, but i guess that is what you do when no longer in the 'biz' (though getting out of the biz was one of the least-regretted moves i ever made in my life)


shredding the gnar is shredding the gnar friends. rejoice and be stoked that september is almost here.



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