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Weekend Going-On's?


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Saw "Mitzi's Abortion" Play in Seattle Friday night -- highly recommended production!


Climbed Improbable Traverse Saturday and drank beer at Rogue Brewery in Issaquah -- super good beer!


Made Buffalo wings in deep fryer at home Sunday. Best part of the weekend.

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What took you guys so long?


Bad thai food kept us from moving quickly enough. Rad's going to post a TR when the pain goes away.


Usually its my partner that has the gastrointestinal issues. You guys seemed to be cruising right along initially, though.


The only thing I'll say is that Kraus-McCarthey on Snowpatch Spire is not a grade IV. At least, not like the NR is.

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WHERE is this booty? I like nuts snaf.gif


in the vicinity of Copperhead Road in the forest, or caught in the canopy above. Dropped while grovelling up bolted OW. Reward for return will include a copy of Bob Seger's Greatest Hits and a fresh cheese sandwich. Go Git 'Er!

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