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What's legal to defend your house/belongings?


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rbw- I live in NE Portland; the issue is, my street is a main artery that goes to 82nd ave; interesting characters go by at all hours.


The funny thing is, my g/f put up a sarcastic sign where the plants used to be, and one of the plants reappeared.


At any rate, I'll be putting up security lighting, and notifying the police. Thanks for all the responses. I'll be done typing now, as my hand has to heal from this morning's kitchen knife incident... mad.gif

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are they like digging them up and taking off with them or r they just sitting in your yard waiting to be planted. If they r diggin them up it would take a little while to do so. Stay up a couple nights with a cam and rack your shotgun when they r in your front yard. Sound will make them pee and whine. Probably drop the plants too.

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