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Fall Ropeup Plans


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Yo, time to start planning for the Fall Ropeup. Last year was pretty fun. I want to gauge the interest in possibly having it earlier this year, like in September (in mid Sept). We'll probably have it in the same campground as last year, and I'll be sure to reserve it myself if that is possible. The idea is to have it so we have some good weather for climbing (hopefully) and as well to to have some time between the Smiffy Tuff Love so people who wish to go to both can do so.


So what do you think? We'll have Terminal Gravity again, and donations for the keg(s) will go to Kurt's recovery fund. Gear swap. Slide show.


Input? yoda.gif

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I don't know Muff, I mean the Ropeup was way more exciting than the Tuff Love last year wink.gif ...i'm thinking you need to grace the Ropeup with a showing.


if it is on a weekend when i don't have the things and you will come and get me i would love to cool.gif

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mainly people stand around and drink beer, but its made more complicated by the slideshow, mingling with world renown Northwest Hardpeople, did I already mention drinking beer?, meeting fellow CC.com peeps, and in general having a good time. Also, since we're there, we climb in Icicle Creek all weekend too.

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its basically a good time. we allow freedom of expression. and its climbers, who tend to be socially well adjusted and well behaved, so bring your manners.



So what do yall think of Mid Sept? Muff, what is it gonna take to get you up here?


someone to drive me and it would have to be like the 2nd or the 16th

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