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Landis Kicks Ass


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Along JayB's line of thinking....wouldn't testosterone be used to bulk up? And even then an athelet would use it over a long period of time and not simply inject it to get a sudden boost for the next day. I could see someone transfusing rbcs to get a boost because I would assume the positive effects would be almost instantaneous. Why in the world would he be doing steroids (testosterone) in the middle of the Tour? It will be interesting to see if his previous tests show an increased level or if this is the only time it showed up (fishy). I am sure they took samples from him earlier. I have heard that they sometimes test the Tour riders 3 days in row.

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He wouldn't have have been doping just for one stage. It would be an indicator of a longer program. The UCI uses a ratio of 4:1 - just lowered it from 6:1. Apparently naturaly occurring ratios higher than 6:1 have been documented. Check this out also:


Evaluation of testosterone/epitestosterone ratio influential factors as determined in doping analysis.


van de Kerkhof DH, de Boer D, Thijssen JH, Maes RA.


Utrecht Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Department of Human Toxicology, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. D.H.vandeKerkhof@pharm.uu.nl


The ratio of the concentration of testosterone glucuronide to the concentration of epitestosterone glucuronide (T/E ratio) as determined in urine is the most frequently used method to prove testosterone abuse by athletes. A T/E ratio higher than 6 has been considered as proof of abuse in the past; however, cases of naturally occurring higher T/E ratios have been described. Since the introduction of the T/E ratio in doping analysis, the parameters that may or may not influence the T/E ratio, possibly leading to false-positive results, have been debated. To achieve more insight on the influencing circumstances, an overview is given to obtain an objective view on the merits of the urinary T/E ratio. Relevant analytical aspects of the T/E ratio, potential parameters of endogenous and exogenous origins, as well as some alternative methods to determine testosterone abuse, such as the urinary testosterone/luteinizing hormone ratio, gas chromatography-combustion-isotope-ratio mass spectrometry, hair analysis, and high-performance liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry, are discussed.

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I'm pretty sure that most of the techno-wank pillowbitters in full racing regalia that I pass on the Burke-Gilman everyday wouldn't test positive for testosterone.




Isn't it hard to corner with those training wheels you got there Alpinefox?

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Just heard that Landis' B-Sample also failed today....

wow, if this is true...... what a fuking looser....if he only would have let up a bit on the fatefull day and not won by so much maybe they would have not become so suspect...but then I do believe all stage winners are guarenteed a day in the lab.

any rate, it really is too bad....

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