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[TR] Colchuck- North Buttress Col 6/17/2006


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Climb: Colchuck-North Buttress Col


Date of Climb: 6/17/2006


Trip Report:

sjwages and I climbed the NB col on Saturday. Left the trailhead about 0345. Was cramponing up and on the route about 0645. Great snow conditions, especially on the backside as you approach the summit. There are a couple of interesting rock steps in order to avoid schrunds at various points in the route. We summitted just before 1100. Descent was uneventful, Colchuck glacier was in fine condition for sledding down. Unfortunately, after we had started descenging my dumba@@ realized I had let my camera case come off my pack in the boulder field between the summit and the Colchuck glacier, so I had to ascend back up and find it. That was fun. Anyway, fine day of climbing. really was a good route. Were back to the car by 3:30pm and off to Gustav's.


Gear Notes:

Crampons, I appreciated my short axe


Approach Notes:

Nothing noteworthy

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Top Posters In This Topic

I went up on Sunday 18th. The route was still in, and nice climb. I started around 7am at the base of the climb. The snow on couloir was already soft. But like HaakkTW siad the north side was very hard snow and easy to climb up. I topped out around 10am, and did not want to go home so early. So I decided to scramble up to Dragontail and came back down from Aasgard Pass. It was nice day there, and I even saw Rainier was popping up above the clouds.

It is not a technical climb if you are comfortable climbing up on steep 30-45 degrees hard snow. Pictures are coming soon.

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