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[TR] Index G-M Route- G-M and other stuff (Thin Fi


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Climb: Index G-M Route-G-M and other stuff (Thin Fingers, etc)


Date of Climb: 6/11/2006


Trip Report:

Climbed G-M route with Mr. Hansel Teh Ropegun bouldering the unprotected direct start after he and alpinfox tried to get me to slide up the slimey , wet, mossy ledge to the right and backed I off crying and wetting myself. What is with the last pitch of Heart of the Country? Sky Valley Rock says 5.11a, but maybe a block fell off? It was much easier than that.

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what olyclimber no mention of when i dropped coils on you from great hieghts? wazzup.gif


that was pretty sweet. you managed to nail Jeff with a direct hit with the rope when he was right in the crux, leading the second pitch of thin fingers. then you dropped the rope on sire alpinfox. we were seriously going to kill you and your party, but then we realized the coils were dropped with loving care, and only good was meant by it.

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