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Mike Gauthier -- Loose Cannon?


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With the recent helicopter crash and rescue on Rainier, it's timely that kudos go out to not only Gauthier but all rangers and yes, even those pesky mountain rescue folks. Yes mountaineering is fun but of course can have very serious consequenses. Thanks in advance for any rescue services that may ever be required by anyone, anywhere (I'm hoping to build up good Kharma points here). [Cool]

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Yeah Mike - I'd like to second pindude. The end of the article seems to indicate you could use some days off. Take a vacation far from climbing this fall. How about Paris? Go see the worlds best art museums and have an espresso at an outside cafe. You seem to like art and the air fares are cheap in winter. You can find a cheap hotel in the “Let’s Go” book. But more importantly perhaps, you can’t see any mountains from anywhere in Paris. But if you can’t resist, THE MOUNTAINS are only a three hour high-speed train ride away.


As a self-reliant climber, I am not going to say your work is indispensable. But you should know that your book that provides concise information and your rescue efforts above all are very much appreciated.

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Originally posted by Big Wall Betty:

Is it just Betty, or are the new chicks on this site kind of rude? Used to be the chicks (not counting Donna Top Step) were rare and cool. hollyclimber and ehmmic don't go dissen gator...


Duchess, pay attention to your elders and follow their example.


Betty has spoken.

Big Wall Betty = RURP.


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