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Bush Admin Selling off WA Forest

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The fascist bush regime is selling off our forests, 7,500 acres from WA state will go on the auction block. Hope none of this is in our climbing areas.


link to location of forest lands they want to sell




copy of email from the NRDC, just sent em a $50 to stop the moneymongers



Dear NRDC Member,


I just sent you a longer letter by postal mail describing President Bush's plan

to sell off 300,000 acres of our national forests to cover shortfalls in his

out-of-control budget.


Because our campaign to stop this attack on America's natural heritage is

moving so quickly, I wanted to give you an email update right away -- and let

you know that your support is urgently needed.


You and your family stand to lose the most from the president's outrageous

proposal. That's because you live in one of the 35 states that have been

targeted by the White House for this unprecedented fire sale of America's

national forests.


Unless we fight back now, the next time you visit your local national forest to

hike or camp or picnic, you could find a "No Trespassing" sign at the entrance

or a brand new strip mall where a forest used to stand.


This threat has grown even more dangerous in recent weeks. The Bush

administration has rushed legislation to Capitol Hill that would give the

president the power to start liquidating our national forests at will -- to

treat them as little more than giant ATM machines.


NRDC needs your immediate support to stop this unconscionable proposal in its



Please go to https://www.savebiogems.org/lands/donate_c.asp

right now and make a donation to help ramp up our campaign.


Your gift will enable NRDC to alert and educate millions of people in those

states that stand to lose some of their most valuable national forest

lands . . . mobilize grassroots opposition in all 50 states . . . and generate

massive political pressure in Washington.


Remember: once our national forest lands are sold off, they will be closed to

you and me forever.


Please join me in fighting to keep our natural heritage off the auction block.

Let's make sure that President Bush and Congress understand that our natural

heritage is not for sale!




Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Senior Attorney

Natural Resources Defense Council


. . .

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Thanks for posting that, Buckaroo. thumbs_up.gif

I am so pissed about this. I guess in the end I am a NIMBY madgo_ron.gif

The way those fuckers are plundering, this should be in the pirates forum. thumbs_down.gifthumbs_down.gifthumbs_down.gif

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You all must have failed US History 101, the government has always sold land.

Be sides, the government owns all the land any way you just pay them money to use it.

If you don’t think so just stop paying your taxes and see what will happen, or now a developer can get the government to take your land and turn it in to condo’s and you can do nothing about it.

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