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Well, I didn't bring my board, and I pulled a tendon pulley last weekend, so I did a bit of hiking, sunbathing, yoga, and soaked up the wonderful Mazama spring. Good times and great food:



Plenty of good meat:




Still lots of snow on the Bell and company:




Springtime in Mazama! rockband.gif










Good to meet folks, and see old friends!

Double E, Weekend Climberz, Alpine K, David Parker, Snoboy and friend, Dave Schuldt, Ari, Lloyd (aka The Madman of Mazama blush.gifcool.gif), Matt P, Feathered Friends crowd, and everyone else! bigdrink.gif

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mattp - The organizer.

David Parker - The one who hooked us up with the cabin.

Lisa and Kim - Sipped thier way through 2 1/2 bottles of wine.

pms - The quiet dude in the backround who throws out sarcastic comments.yellaf.gif

Double_E and WeekendClimberz - Drove to Everett then back to Seattle tnen over Snoqualmie Pass and up 97.pitty.gif

AlpineK - Lead us on a sketchy off route adventure.

Eva - Home made pie cheeburga_ron.gif

Snowboy - Always the one to take the hardest way and find the steepest line.

Mister_E - That dude's out there.

Gaper Timmy - A no show.

Jeremy and friend - Gave us a propane.

Me - Got everyone going Saturday morning.


Loyd and Karen - For letting a bunch of strangers use thier place!


High concentration of ex bike mesengers.

Me - Seattle

Mr_E - Seattle

Snowboy - Vancover BC

Double_E - Washington DC

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Well twist my arm. wink.gif


As per what you'd expect from Pub Club Dave left the party well before everybody called it a night. He was the first one up on Saturday, and he started cracking skulls early. Not only that he didn't at least have the decency to make us coffee.


Well after breakfast we weren't moving fast enough to please him, so to really get us running he decided to piss on the camp fire. wazzup.gif

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BTW, I was waaayyy more laid-back hippy than Dave, he was like the anti-hippy, wazzup.gif

Tellin' me to turn down my Black-eyed Peas at 11:30 because "he was going to sleep". As if we weren't on 26 acres. :

Then up at 7AM and frustrated(not baked) when everyone gets up later!!

Not very hippy-like, Dave! You might have to get a haircut soon! grin.gif



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