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Camp Muir outing 06.16.01

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Busy as a ski resort at the Paradise Parking Lot at 9am Saturday morning! We joined the huge crowd of onlookers and hikers to ascend up to Camp Muir for our third time this season. The crowds started to get real bad around pebble creek as there were many groups of skiiers that thought it was okay to stop in the middle of the trail as we switchbacked towards Panorama Point. Does anyone understand the basics of hiking? Get out of the Way! As we leaded out around numbers of skiiers, we would just find another group of 7 skiier in front of us! Pebble Creek at 7200 feet is starting to reveal alot of rocks and the trail is easy to follow at this point. Signs are even showing along the lower trail. We ran into many ground squirrels and a few Marmots (I got real close for one image). We finally got to Muir in 3hrs and some change and settled in for some sun, food, and WATER! It was incredible to see all the folks coming towards Muir, although I did not see as many make it up as I saw at Camp, so I assume they all skiied down. It seemed like the clouds hung out between 7-9K feet the rest of the day as it was like being in an airplane looking across the sea of clouds. Someday I will see the landscape from Muir, ...........someday.

We jaunted over to the small peak (name?)just southeast of Muir to get a good look down on the Cowlitz Glacier and check out Little Tahoma. Cathedral Gap is looking pretty dry, with quite a few teams coming down from summit bids. The glissade down was just awful as many people thought that you were supposed to walk in that path. After having to stop numerous times to stop for people eating lunch and relaxing in the glissade route, we just gave up as we could not keep speed up to get going. Once around 7000 feet, the skies opened up for us, but the mountain was not visible for the rest of the day. I am so happy to know that I will not being going up the DC route for my first ascent of Rainier! Nor do I have the patience to put up with all those........people? Thanks for letting me vent.


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You know, the fact that there are so many people could be so much easier to deal with if they would just be more respectful.

I have never understood why people sit in the trail/boot-track when there is a chain of people behind them.

I also can never understand why people coming down HAVE to walk down the steps people kicked on the way up, just destroying the trial for those that follow.

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