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Mulkey Gulch & Rattler


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I lived in Missoula for more than seven years and continue to visit on a regular basis. I've gone climbing in Rattler or Mulkey Gulch only twice. The basic reason is that it's not very good climbing for the most part. There's a short crack that's okay, and some bolted stuff thats ok. The grades are ridiculous if the guidebook hasn't been updated. I don't know what Raf was smoking when he came up with the original grades, but damn, I've never climbed a 5.6 that masqueraded as 5.10 before or since.


Please note that this vitrol is entirely directed towards the car climbing. I've never been so disappointed by a climbing area.


Now, Blodgett, well, that's different...

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Comparing Blodgett to limestone fins is a little silly. I lived there about 7-8 years ago and climbed at both of those places quite a bit. The climbs don't really get good until you start putting up the 10's and 11's. And one must be into edgy, balancy friction climbing. Mulky Marathon is really good along with Green Dragon?. Rattler's is a bit more spread out, St. Louis Direct is a really cool 5.9+. You have to understand where Raf was coming from at that time, he was just trying to get those areas started. Blodgett is a multi-pitch, medium wall-climing gem, and those places are straight-up cragging. When did you live there?



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