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[TR] Abiel Peak- It's All-Der 3/25/2006


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Climb: Abiel Peak-It's All-Der


Date of Climb: 3/25/2006


Trip Report:

After changing plans at the last minute, Keith, Pax and I decided to check out Abiel Peak on Saturday. The approach trail is popular with day hikers, and was packed down so well that we didn't need our snowshoes at all. Having hiked up in here this past fall with Keith, we sagely knew not to follow the picknic-table-nature-trail loop trail out of the parking lot. pitty.gif If you're coming in on skis, I would just go up the valley which is to the right once you reach the railroad grade (as Ade mentioned in his TR).


As it has been mentioned, there are a ton of lines up there. The rock is like the sourrounding peaks: compact and fairly crackless. mixed lines could be bold.



(big topo in the gallery)


Fun climbing with two pitches of AI3 and one of AI4 on the right side of the face. We easily walked off right and down a wide gully to the west.








more pics/details on my website


Gear Notes:

4 screws, short and medium length

lots of slings

#1 camalot


Approach Notes:

Exit 47 off I-90. Take the Annette lake trail

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It was safe last weekend.


A very weak crust on top with about 12-18" of isothermic, postholin' type snow underneath that. It wasn't gonna slide, but it was a bit of work. Thankfully the distance between the lake and the base of the climbs (the only part that isn't packed down) isn't very long. Dave and Keith conveniently "forgot to bring gaiters" so I got to do all the trailbreaking. the_finger.gif


On the descent I even intentionally jumped around on a ~45degree convex slope (I'm stupid sometimes) and nothing slid.


Words of advice to those repeating the route: You'll be tying off a lot of alder as pro so bring lots of slings. 5-6 screws, mostly shorties, will be sufficient. A couple of pins and small cams might be helpful, especially if the route is any thinner than when we did it. Don't carry your packs up the route, it makes getting though a couple alder sections pretty annoying and it's only 2.5 pitches with an easy walkoff.

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... a route which involves nothing more than hiking up through some trees while carrying an ice tool. rolleyes.gif


I just reread this shit.


Josh, I invite you to go repeat this route this winter. It's just like "hiking with an ice tool".


Be sure to report back here how your hike goes.

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