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Anacortes/Erie partner needed...


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Looking for a partner or two to climb at Erie this spring/summer.


I'm looking to get back into climbing shape once the weather is dry enough. Recent years have seen me bouldering more than anything. But since that's not a big option around here, I like doing laps at Erie to get my muscles going again. I am mostly a toproping kind of guy for Erie climbing. But I have done enough lead belaying to not be scared by it (though I may be a little rusty). Sorry, not into trad. I usually hang out on Powerline. But E-wall is a good time, and I should probably explore Orange Wall more as well.


I live in Anacortes and usually have mornings Mon&Fri or after work tues-thurs open. Weekends would be more of a as available thing. Summer weekends are pretty tight for me.

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Photojosh.... I live within 15 minutes of Erie and keep my eye on the weather for similar type stuff. I can't always get into the alpine and this stuff is fun. Send me a PM if your interested. I hook up with another local and it's a blast. Close fun and why wait if the sun comes out?.. No need to wait.

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there was a pic posted awhile ago on b.com of a large wave wall near rosario.....I can't remember where it was...


plus there is some stuff on erie, the goliath boulder is small, but has 4 of the best problems in urban NW WA. Plus if you drive an hour and half to Bald mtn, your options are limitless. The goliath boulder goes from LtoR: v0, v1ish, v8, v7, v10, v5 stand w/v7 sit, then a v3 mantle.


not bad for little ol mt erie!



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"Tons" of bouldering is an overstatement in regards to Erie/Fidalgo. Goliath is fun, but limited in terms of intermediate routes. The harder routes are especially hard for a guy with a smaller wingspan. The Rosario wall you may be thinking of is Refridge wall, and while I have done a lot of traversing there, it gets boring for bouldering after a while, though I do climb there a lot. It's pretty wet however, and due to that, winters will ruin little routes that you had been workingon, as the rock tends to come off in chunks.


I know of one pretty interesting bouldering problem on the upper part of Erie, west of powerline that I don't think many people have been to. There are another couple of boulders on the road up to the top that could use some more exploring. And after years of hiking the area, I'm convinced that there are other spots waiting to be developed. But I'm not motivated enough to do it by myself. And all my bouldering buddies have moved.


And yes, I know that if I got in my car, I could find bouldering spots from here to Bellingham. But I already have enough hobbies that require driving in my car. And for that matter, I already have climbing partners if I want to drive an hour. I'm hoping to find people who either live here, or enjoy coming to Erie for some reason.

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I am also down for some days at Erie, I am working 4-10's so Fri-Sunday for me.


Fridays could work fine for me. I said that I had Mon & Fri "mornings", but I really have the whole day off. I just like being up there in the morning when the place is empty. Though less of an issue weekdays until summer rolls around.

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