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Edelweiss Ropes


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Looking at the Edelweiss Sharp 8.5 to replace crampon'ed Beal Ice Lines. Love everything about the ice lines except durability. Anyone have experience with Edelweiss ropes? Hand? Kinks? Durability? Looked at Mammut Genesis too, but really want 70m length. Thanks.

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The Edelweiss Stratos 9mm, which I believe the Sharp 8.5mm replaces, was a durable rope. I have a pair of Sharps, and one has gone flat after I used a reverso for rapelling and I have climbed on it for about six days or so. I'm not sure if this is a cause for worry or not, but the "weave" may have been loose or something, and it has a definite flat profile.


These ropes have a slightly stiffer "hand" than do other ropes of similar dimension. I think this is an advantage as they are less prone to whipping around things when you toss them down the hill for a rappel or something.

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Edelweiss makes ropes? I thought they made cables...


A friend of mine who lives for epicing on desert towers swears by them. I can't stand them. The hand on all the edelweiss ropes i've ever seen or used is so stiff that you really have to see them to understand.

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I've had and Edelweiss Laser (9.8mm) for a couple of years and been pretty pleased with it, though the hand is definitely stiffer than most other ropes, hasn't seemed to cause me any real problems though.


PMS carries them so you might talk to the folks there?

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Edelweiss has an excellent reputation. They are much better than say a blue water (shitty) or beal (good but quite soft). I picked up a 70meter 9.9mm dry edelwiess for $130 with no tax and free shipping last summer.

My moto with ropes buy cheap and buy often.

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