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Drip Wall Sport Climbing and Ice Climbing


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I have summer sport climbed at the drip wall up tumwater canyon and have noticed that a continual stream of water is coming down on the left side.

Does this "drip" touch down many winters or is it a freak thing that only comes in like once every 10 years?

I found an old chouinard ice screw at the base of the wall one summer about seven years ago, so people are at least slogging up to the thing in the winter.

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it forms more and more rarely--thanks to global warming, i bet. i haven't seen it form since the 1996-1997 season. never climbed it but crazy jz can tell ya about watching a guy (stoddard, i think) shake his way up it in the 80's.

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It was none other than Jonny Blitz. He got way up, and decided to back off cuzz' things were way shitty. As Stoddard, Russ, and I watched, and the Kroeses and Ten Gram hiked to the top with a rescue TR, Blitz got lowered. Half way down all his screws except the top one pulled out of the shitty ice due to a little outwrd pull. That was one lucky Little Blitz, and I am sure Twight would be proud of his pal.

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