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Two weeks in the Tree this year. Saw some old friends, met some new ones, and got beaten, bruised and torn up.


Amazing Sunset:


bigger pic




bigger pic



bigger pic


3712Temporary_File_159-med.jpgbigger pic


Crushing Wirlwind's head:




Me on some .10 in the Grotto:



bigger pic




bigger pic


Wirlwind on Lead:



bigger pic


Pax and Kim on 'The Magical Mystery Tour':



The crew:



bigger pic


Kickin' it in HV11:




Cool contrail:



bigger pic


Nice light:



bigger pic


CC Hardmen:



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Found a cave in the ouback that was WELL used.


Had a crazy talk with Metolius Shawn, who just got out of the State Pen after spending a YEAR for slacklining in the park. He go out at half-time. hellno3d.gifhellno3d.gifmadgo_ron.gif


Climbed the hardest 5.6 I have ever done.


Fully enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame, thank you.


Took 'shrooms on New Years Eve, and had an awesome time.


I Love Joshua Tree. tongue.gif

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Both Deflowered and Leaping Leana are challenging for 5.6, but they aren't that bad. I didn't think LL was that bad at all, just a little run out at the beginning. Deflowered you just have to make about three chimney thrutches and then it's easy. You guys are weak sauce!


That "5.7" offwidth that MisterE led last year on the west side of (intersection rock I think?)- now THAT was hard!

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