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Any good ice this weekend?


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Probably the only thing w/ in 5 hours would be the road cut ice at WA Pass, accessed via Mazama. Lillooet sounded OK still from reports, but is probably more like 6+ hours unless you drive like a devil. Maybe there is some other higher elevation ice that is closer, but those are the only areas with recent confirmed reports.

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Judging by the NWS forcast (whichis generally right) there is a lots of new snow falling, especially in the higher elevations which is were the only ice could be found. Not a good place to be looking for ice, which is generally in drainages. But you should be pulling out your skiis, boards, snowshoes, kiddie sleds, inner tubes, or plastic trash bags and slide down hills. Our ice game is over for the meantime.

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I thought I saw you two down there!


Just a small correction, Chad and I are the two small red dots on the ledge to the (climber's) right of the main flow about halfway up the Cascade pic. That's actually DonnV pulling over the top of the pitch and Rodney just leaving the belay stance.


Thanks for the GREAT tip for the route. We headed to Haffner Creek the next day for a little ice cragging. We eventually even found it (long story, can't read well) and had a great time.


For those interested, PDX-Banff is roughly 12 hours.





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