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Bears Breast slab?


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What's the dope on that big slab on Bears' Breast that you can see in the photo in the Beckey guide? Are there any routes? I asked FB about it and he said he thought the rock was choss or something but that's what he always says about stuff he is planning to go back to and do routes on, so... smile.gif

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the rock in the area is similar to the rock in the rest of the snoq batholith? sections good sections bad, more on the bad side though. it is a metamorphosed granite. diorite. blocky, down slopers with incipients cracks that are brittle. the area is quite nice though, i personally would recommend a tip there, as there is always routes to be done.

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good deal dru, we can call it the trans ameri-da fell good expedition for lackys and their little sisters. wink.gif maybe with an angle we can pick up some sponsers. i once had an idea for the clean up of everest ad other big mtns, though it got shot down by some oversensitive capital hill types.

"Booty Call 2000" imagine all the gear we could get from exisiting cache's and bodies littered all over the mtns. i felt that it follows in other famous recent expeditions to exploit the dead and famous.


bad taste i'm sure! but we all gotta laugh sometimes! grin.gif

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"The Bare Breasts 2001 expedition will attempt to reach the summit of the aforementioned mountain and recover some of Fred Beckey's DNA from the summit cairn region so that it can be compared to his current DNA thus determining the mutagenic effects of being a climbing bum for 65 years". Funded by the Partially Human Genome Project, Unibroue and Milden Malls.

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