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TR: Epic Rediculasness


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Okay, I know everyone here knows that there has been some serious snow happening lately, but you probably didn't know that about 12 of us gophered right into it this weekend up at Tombstone pass. Mixed bad of tele, AT, splitboard, xc, snowshoes carrying skis/boards, etc. Had a great friggan time, check the pics...







Special thanks to Adam, who won the Hamms tallboy for most trail busted, honorable mention Jason, who probably got a can of hamms too, I sort of lost track of where they ended up.


PS. Bachelor was silly yesterday... Ranked up there with the best days of skiing of my life. Waste deep fresh lines all day long at Northwest. Bluebird. bigdrink.gif

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Did we shoot any of our dogs... No, but Rosco (dog) was wallowing a bit and kept stepping on the tails of the trailbreakers. I think Nick almost shot him when he got stuck in a river drainage (alderfest) and had to carry the dog out.

Did we survive on seal meat and penguin eggs? Ummm, do they put that stuff in italian dry salami? If so, then yes, I particularly survived on seal meat and penguin eggs.

Did any scandinavians blow by us? Well, if you are refering to the cross country skiers who followed our skin track half way up and then poached the choicest turns before we could get to them, then yes, they did.

Did we keep the british end up? If by this you my my tail end, then yes, cause frequently I was augered into the deep head first and "british end" up.


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Actually, I was pretty impressed. I met the dudes down bottom and they were rockin old skool skinny xc skis without edges. They made a near perfect set of 8's all the way down. At first when we saw the tracks we thought they were made by one of ours, but comparing these nice neat little 8's to our ackward floppy lines punctuated by faceplant holes I knew those tracks weren't ours!

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