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Steep & Cheap: Atomic MX:7 Telemark Ski $43.75!!!!

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No. You need a bill, which your mountaineering boots do not have. Instead, buy a pair of AT bindings like the 500s or 505s that will take a mountaineering boot. Keep in mind, if skiing with mountaineering boots, it ain't easy and with no cuff support, you won't be ripping up the steep n' deep. I'd recommend getting a pair of AT bindings and Boots and climbing in your AT boots. My climbing partner summitted Denali in AT boots and you can climb anything around here with AT boots as long as you do not need to French technique anything. You can also climb ice in AT boots as well.

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decent enough for beginners. They're good light skis, great for the tour. However, if yer the agrresive type and in the crud and the steeps, you'll need somethin a little fatter. Im buyin these for a friend thats brand new to tele, so should work well for her, and hell, if they dont, i bet i could turn around and sell'em on ebay for a profit!

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