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[TR] Box Canyon- Happy Harvester 12/4/2005

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Climb: Box Canyon-Happy Harvester


Date of Climb: 12/4/2005


Trip Report:

This was a last minute change of plan, after posting yesterday about Sumallo Bluffs we ended up deciding a WI4 for first lead of the year might be a bit much so went to Box Canyon instead, up the Coquihalla.


Box Canyon is a cool place with lots of boulders and slide alders and devils club. It made me happy and I thought of sunshine and bunnies and candy and rainbows and stuff. I only wished Mike Layton was there so I could give him a big warm hug!



Steve in the alders.


Eventually we found some ice!


This is the Festering Wall. It was Festering, so we backed off and climbed a pitch or so of Happy Harvester instead. Thin WI3, 13cms screws just went in in the thickest blobs. Not really all that impressive compared to the nearby routes though.



Happy Harvester is the red line


The third pitch of HH was formed up but the second wasn't so we rapped off and decided to bail as it was around 2:15. This time we found a better route out avoiding much of the alder, bush, boulders and postholing, so it went a lot faster and we were back at the car before dusk.



Grim Reaper across the valley




Upcanyon to Chrysalis area and beyond



Rigor Mortis area.


In short most of the ice in the canyon is still a few days away from forming up but there is climbable ice there right now, and there is now a beaten path in too. Ignore all footprints meandering off to the north as they lead to vegetative dead ends.


Gear Notes:


Should have had machete, chainsaw, Agent Orange etc.


Approach Notes:

Not enough snow yet to snowshoe or ski, too much snow for easy hiking, you WILL posthole.

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awww thanks dru!

s'okay though, i found and climbed ice of my own this weekend (sans devils club and slide alder)

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Yeah, stuff around Hope is starting to get climbable and the forecast is looking pretty solid. Although they`re calling for a high of 5 on Thursday which might put a damper on things. fruit.gif


Lots of freshiez there today! Oh, and it`s officially be announched that there will be a Tim Horton`s put in on the Old-Hope Princeton Highway. Or I read it in the paper this weekend. ooo.gif

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I`m guessing from the bright orange toque photo that Dru is still holding your helmet ransom? cool.gif

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Hmm but lytton is gonna be -5/-11 on Thursday - Canyon should be in big time!

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