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The GOP, the GOP, the GOP is on FIRE!


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Well, I can't say that I categorically hate all Republicans, but the ones I've met who talk about it the most are ASS-HOLES.


My former bald, short, ugly, (and I can only assume little dicked)boss was always spraying about how Republicans are "morally superior" to Democrats(and I must assume to non politically aligned people as well)

Turns out the motherfucker brings in a change of clothes to work with him, puts those on after work and goes to the strip club to get lap dances from the strippers, then goes BACK to work to put his old clothes back on so his wife won't smell "stripper" on him! Nice "family values"

Asshole. Hmm, maybe the body glitter in the dryer might clue her in, dimfuck.



..Then of course there are the other fat fucks at work who go on and on about how great is to be "Republican", then turn around and comment on womens' choice of shirts, and how they should wear tighter clothes. Hypocrites, every single one of them.


And then there's the other Republican at work who's CONSTANTLY blathering on and on about his guns. He fucking bought his wife a FUCKING HANDGUN for her birthday. He's always saying stupid shit like "Fucking hippie commie faggots" and "The government can come get my gun when they pry it from my cold dead hands" Seriously, he has actually said that. WTF is that NRA boilerplate about anyway? Did somebody take a magnifying glass to his Kung Fu Grip GI Joe when he was younger? Did one of your friends kick sand into your Command center? Did the jeep run out of D cells? Oh, this dude's like fucking 40 YEARS OLD, and he still listens to shit like FOREIGNER and POCO. For real. I mean really, uptight gun waving freak, it's time to let go of high school, mmkay? You're not the school bully anymore, and nobody gives a fuck about your CD collection of music that was all made before 1983, and nobody fucking cares how big your gun collection is, and calling somebody "faggot" lost it's impact in the early 70's. Comments like "Pinko" and "Commie" only display your planarian-like brain development, and the ladies aren't impressed by unhinged, illogical verbal fusillades of blind hatred and idiotic displays of your incredibly limited political world view. Yosemite Sam isn't a role model, he's a cartoon character. Get into therapy and fix yourself before your kid takes a gun to school because of all the negative, toxic shit you filled up his head with about everybody else that's not EXACTLY like you are. Quit picking on homosexuals, women, minorities, and anybody who's not whatever the fuck weird ass religion you claim to believe in, because racism and juvenile sexist remarks aren't funny.


That's just 3 examples. I've got plenty more. Inappropiate touching, openly racist remarks, etc, etc.


Oh, and as a somewhat related segue, I'm starting to belive that most of the conflict in the world is a direct result of guys that are insecure about their peckers and guys with the dreaded "Short man's Disease"

Hitler: short, and only had one testicle

Napolean: Short.

Hirohito: Short.

Mussolini: He was short too, right?

Mao: Short.

That fucking asshole North Korean guy...What's his name? Anyway, he's short too.

Bin Laden: Tall, but maybe a little dick?


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