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Winter Siliness


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Maybe I should split this into two threads but just felt like being lazy. So...


Part one Checkin out the North Cascades in their winter finery is the plan and I am thinking about a mid winter shot at the Becky route. I know long approach and all that but, on a good day the views should be awsome. Anyone out there have any thoughts or experience in same. It's been a few years since I have been there I'm especially interested in thoughts as to protectability with a snow cover.



Part two. What else is running through those heads out there as to silly dreams. Winter often causes strange things to come alive.

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Probably easiest would be to snowmobile or ski in to the pass from the silverstar gate (Eastside). I climbed the route once in early may and the 2nd pitch was covered with a bit of ice, though protection was fine. I bet the last pitch on up would be snowy, but ice free most of the winter.

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Approach wise road is gated at MP 170 on the east side. WA pass is at MP 163. Snowmobilers use this road often so generally travel on the road is cake... snow is packed so one can cover a lot of ground. It is not uncommon for people to cover the distance from the gate to the blue lake parking lot in the same amount of time it takes to go from blue lake parking lot to the base of the route.


Assuming you have a weather window one could easily do the Beckey route in winter in a weekend (or shorter?) but weather and avy concerns will dictate amount of success. The approach gully is a place I wouldn't want to be if avy was considerable.


Speaking of avys: many of the snowmobilers like to play highpoint in the avy gullies. Don't cross under them while this is going on if the avy is a consideration.

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