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Mountain Photography Highlights: 2005

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Hmm, let me try:


1) S Pickets from Luna

2) Somewhere along Ptarmigan Traverse

3) Eldorado Peak

4) Ptarmigan Traverse?

5) Challenger from Luna Cirque

6) Southern Pickets from near Luna Peak

7) Ptarmigan Traverse again

8) Mt Fury (at center) and Luna Cirque

9) Eldorado (at left) from near Torment?

10) Johannesburg?

11) Ptarmigan again?

12) Luna Lake

13) Eldorado (in distance at center)

14) Luna Cirque

15) More Ptarmigan

16) Don't Know

17) Southern Pickets

18) Forbidden Peak from Eldorado

19) S Pickets from the North

20) Eldorado Snow Arete

21) Not sure

22) Summit of Forbidden

23) Logan?

24) Shuksan

25) Moraine Lake

26) Baker and Shuksan in background --

27) Purple Flower (duh!)

28) Eldorado?

29) Pickets

30) Ptarmigan Traverse


Any corrections or additions?


Great photos -- thanks for making them available! bigdrink.gif

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Corrections ( i think):


(2). Whatcom & Challenger Glacier from somewhere north of Easy Ridge.


(3). Eldo from Austera Ridge


(4). Chimney Rock from Tank Lakes


(5). Challenger from Wiley Ridge


(6). S. Pickets from above Access Ck.


(7). Same shot as 2


(9). Eldo (far left), Dorado Needle and McAllister Glacier from Austera Ridge/summit


(10). North Butt/NE Face Fury from Wiley Ridge


(11). Klawatti Pk (right), Klawatti Glacier and Forbidden Pk from Austera Ridge


(15). Snowfield Pk. and Neve Glacier Colonial-Neve Col


(16). Willis Wall, Liberty Ridge, Ptarmigan Ridge


(17). uhh..flowers


(18). Forbidden from Kamp Klawatti


(19). Same as 4


(21). False summit Luna Pk.


(23). McAllister Glacier and Backbone Ridge from Austera summit


(24). same as 2 & 7


(25). Northern half of N Pickets


(28). NE Face Eldo


(29). S. Pickets from NE Ridge Triumph or Thornton Pk?


(30). right to left - eldo, klawatti, Austera, primus, tricouni from Triumph or Thornton Pk?

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Looks like you've got enough nice shots to publish a calendar (maybe add a couple of winter shots). Seriously, I'd buy one!

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