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Down Bags for 2


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Alright so me and the lady are looking for new bags, and not exactly sure what we want to get. I know she is thinking 0 degree, I am thinking I have fallen asleep outside at 13000 on Rainier in a raging storm with a 15 y.o. 32 degree down bag. So I am thinking along the lines of a 20 degree bag. Of course we want them to zip together nicely, last a long time, be light, good quality down, and I need my bag broad enough to be comfortable when I am flying solo.




I have liked Marmot bags that I have slept in.


Currently my old is a Northface, and is not that comfortable, it is a little narrow, I just bought it cause I was able to get it real cheap.


We were thinking about Featherfriends, she likes the idea of picking her own colors. When I lived on the east coast everybody used to talk shit about them.


I was looking at the Western Mountaineering site and their bags look pretty decent, but I have never heard anything about them.



So what are your toughts? Can you help me out with the decision?

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feathered friends makes a great down bag. they make a bunch of different couples bags, ground sheets, etc., you can go to the store and see them yourself. you can customize stuff like does the hood come off so it doesn't lie across your face in "comforter" mode.


in general, you probably want a slightly warmer bag than you might think for this application. this is because the shape is not very efficient compared to a mummy bag. you can get it a bit warmer and still be miles ahead weight-wise over two sleeping bags. because each person has a zipper, you can vent your side if you're too hot.

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Forrest and Trog mention a problem with the hood of the mummy lying over your face if the bags don't have zippers on opposite sides and you zip them together. I have never found this to be a problem whatsoever. Tuck it under your chin, and put a hat on if your head gets cold, and you're all set.

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We were looking for the same thing earlier this season. After lots of research we ended up with Western mountaineering. Ultralight for me (the lady), and the Alpinlite for my hubby. Alpinlite is a little roomier. Both 20 deg. bags. They're super light and toasty and they zip together easily. We used them on Adams, Baker, Rainer (several times) and we were warm - even on some cold and windy nights. They were spendy but we're happy with them. Got 'em at Pro Mountain sports. Might have ordered via the internet but we needed them quickly and Pro Mtn had the ones we wanted in stock. (I didn't find them much cheaper online anyway...)

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Feathered Friends offers a unique two-person sleep system as Forrest described. Our wide series bags can be used alone or zipped to a groundsheet that has sleeves for ground pads, whose total weight is less than two mummy sleeping bags.


Penguin 20 degree bag would be a great choice. It has the option of a zip-off hood that can attach to the ground sheet.


Toucan ultralight ground sheet



Two Feathered Friends 20-degree mummy bags that zip together (5'9" Egret in Quantum = 27oz + 6'0" Swallow in Quantum = 30oz) weigh 57oz or 3lb 9oz, cost is $347 + $336 = $683


Feathered Friends Penguin 20 (in Quantum = 42oz) + Toucan UL groundsheet (in nylon ripstop = 9oz) weigh 51oz or 3lb 3oz. Cost is $382 + $49 = $431 (source: featheredfriends.com)


Western Mountaineering Alpenlite 6"0" (31oz) + Ultralite 5'6" (26oz) = 57oz, prices are $350 + $300 = $650. (source: westernmountaineering.com)


So the Western Mountaineering and Feathered Friends mummy bag combos weigh the same with a $31 price difference (but FF gives you multiple color, fabric, and options choices), and the Feathered Friends Penguin/Toucan combo saves you some weight and $219.


More info is available on our web site, and feel free to call the retail store or factory if you have any other questions. Cheers!

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The Feathered Friends Toucan concept is great. I've been using a similar setup with Western Mountaineering (WM) Mitylite (+40) for most of the year and the Aspen (+25) for winter with a homemade summer coupler that was only 5.5 oz, and patterned exactly as the the WM coupler that weighs 16oz. Superlight, super roomy and works perfect. It's nice not to have the mummy bag zip in the middle which you will get with two mummys.

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Thanks everyone, I guess I got some work ahead of me research wise. So I was checking out that link taht MichealO put up the Backpacker article about the Sweetie Pie Doubler any of you have any experience with these? Does anyone know what zippers WM and FF use? Micheal, I think why they are insulated is so that you can keep the wedge on top, otherwise you would both be laying on the zipper.

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Yep, you are correct. I was envisioning the expander as being wider and going on the bottom, with the idea of using the insulation of the bag on the top. On second look, it appears as though two sets of feet are going to end up compressing the insulation in the foot-box.

It almost looks wide enough in the photos to have your shoulders clear of the zipper. I wouldn’t mind the zipper under my leg if it meant that I could have the down on top of me. I might have to try one out.

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