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worst ranger experience?


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At Yos my partner and I drank a bit too much the first night we were there. We hadn't reserved a site for that evening (we got in earlier than expected) so we decided that rather than drive drunk, we'd park in the big grocery store lot. We knew we weren't supposed to, but it was about 2am and we'd be up with the sun.

Actually, we were up with the flashlight. It belonged to a ranger who pounded on the VW we were in at 4am. We told him what was up. He wrote us a ticket each for illegal camping ($60 each) and told us we had to leave the park.

We drove, stopped alongside the road to puke, and drove some more.

At least he didn't follow up behind us to give us a dui...

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RCW 9A.16.070



(1) In any prosecution for a crime, it is a defense that:


(a) The criminal design originated in the mind of law enforcement officials, or any person acting under their direction, and


(b) The actor was lured or induced to commit a crime which the actor had not otherwise intended to commit.


(2) The defense of entrapment is not established by a showing only that law enforcement officials merely afforded the actor an opportunity to commit a crime.


[1975 1st ex.s. c 260 § 9A.16.070.]

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Sounds like he coulda beat it under both 1a and 1b. And under 2, the "merely afforded" was a "directed to commmit" by the LEO in goatboy's friend's case.


There! Now I'm now a lawyer! Thanks, Matt, for doing my research for me! Isn't that the sign of all good lawyers?

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Okay, back to rangers. A group of us used to have an unofficial unorganized run/walk from the Gallatin Valley in MT over Fawn Pass to the Yellowstone Valley. It goes through a corner of Yellowstone National Park that required permits for camping. Over the years as word got out it became more and more popular and the park circus caught wind of it. Finally one year there were at least fifty of us. At the end of the run/walk at about the twenty-one mile mark there were Park Rangers on horseback rounding us up and escorting us to the "finish line." The "Park Circus" rangers really were pretty amiable about the situation although, it was very strange being rounded up the way we were and made one think how bad it would be in a less friendly environment.


There were some lawyers in our group, one of them actually the county attorney from the county we ran from! It was a kick listening to them discussing (or is that disgusting) what the legal options were. The circus really didn't have that much on us as we were theoretically unorganized and not staying the night. Generally, we understood that they weren't crazy about a crowd of people running through someones pristine permit required wilderness experience. They tried to tag us with not being in groups of four in grizzly country, but how were they going to prove we weren't in groups of four?


They ended up fining us for conducting an organized run, which we felt we could also have argued as we really were just a bunch of people that happened to show up at the same time. They half jokingly gave us the option of fining each of us individually or just one. The one that took the hit was the pseudo-organizer and we all pitched in to a jar to cover the fine; he joked later about making money on the deal. bigdrink.gif

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My best ranger experience was doing meadow restoration at Silver Lake, up by Poodle Dog Pass. For dinner, one ranger brought strawberry cheesecake in a box, and cooked it up for everyone to share. The other made hot snotties--hot tang with whiskey. Nice folks, those.


My worst experiences with LEOs were all the ones that gave me speeding tickets.

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WTF? You guys got nothin' to be snivelin' about. I've got this one guy, Ranger "Dick" (ok, his name is Ranger Rick, but that's what BooBoo and I call 'im) who has been doggin' my ass for years.


Every time I sit down with a fresh pic-a-nic basket, here come dis muthafucker ta take the fresh basket of goodies away! BooBoo has never physically matured properly because of this son-of-a-bitch (my little friend gets mugged by marmots for God's sake!). Me and some of my griz peeps are gonna "do" that bastard one of these days.


Don't tell Huckleberry. That goody-two-shoes little prick will spill the beans to the pencilnecks at HQ.

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