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Beckey Sighting


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I was in the Tetons for 6 days last week. Ran into Fred heading up to the base of the CMC route on Mt. Moran. First time I had met him. He asked where I was from and if there were a lot of good looking women there. Nice to meet one of my climbing idols.

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As someone described fellow climbing visionary Jim Bridwell: "face of a 65-year old, body of a 25-year old, mentality of a 15-year old", or something like that. But in Fred's case it would have to be a 15-year old with an encyclopedic knowledge of the North Cascades and the determination to write it all down for others to enjoy!

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I took a class at Green River Community College in Auburn, Wa. taught by Fred. He's got a ton of knowledge of Wa state history, but he's wacky as hell. He barely passed me!!!! I remember him walking around the front of the class like he was post-holing.......pointing with a stick he'd ripped from the bush on the way to class.........

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