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Shuksan-N. Face?


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I climbed the FC route three weeks ago. If you decide to decend the FC, be sure to leave the summit with plenty of time to get down the chimneys in the daylight. I think Becky's guide suggests 5 hours, in its current condition it may take longer (IMHO). Winnnie's Slide is not a problem, however, the Curtis IS broken up. The glacier requires careful attention and there are a few crevasse crossings that are spooky.

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Never did it Erik, went to Stuart instead.

It may be worth callin' to see how much snow has fallen up there. Fresh snow on an icy face is a bad combo, obviously. I almost got hammered once in pre-season in Montana, same conditions. North Facing slope of about 45-50 degrees, first snow of the year, on top of a summer snowpack... Needless to say I was ignorant, and lucky!

Be safe, and have fun!

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Looking out the window ( I can see a tiny chunk of the summit pyramid from my office window here in Chilliwack) I would say total accumulation is on the order of 6 inches or less, just enough to make things interesting, probably no real avvy hazard yet... but it is maybe going to rain Saturday and then be nice Sunday. Think you can one-day it Sunday? Actually latest w forecast is for morning showrrs Sat then clearing. i say go for it.

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One option to look at for the descent is the White Salmon Glacier. Once in the creek bottom Side hill through large timber on the east side of the creek until the clearcut, cross the creek , and climb up to the road. I did this after climbing the route Nov 19th of last year and it looked a lot more pleasing than downclimbing Fishers Chimneys, making a long hike out and returning to the car.

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