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FOUND, STUFF - Rainier, 8400' on Ptarmigan Ridge

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OK. After my little nap at the bivy spot at 8400' on Rainier's lower Ptarmigan Ridge today, I spied something next to a rock near me. After several minutes of finding things stashed under rocks, and strewn around the pebble field, I finally ended up with this inventory.



(1) mylar space blanket, still in package

(1) compass [did you drag the thing through sand or something?!!]

(1) sunglasses [REI glacier glasses, non prescription]in glasses case

(1) whistle on nylon cord

(1) bic lighter, pink

(1) book of matches [actually... you probably don't want these back, but hey - maybe they have sentimental value.]



(2) packages of some gawd awful smelling sauce that had holes punctured in them, japanese writing on said packages.

(1) nearly full tube of firestarter, also with holes punctured in tube. Nice.

(1) tea bag... I think. Also japanese writing on it.

(1) tea bag... Tazo Earl Grey [i actually used this one when I got home. It was my finder's fee.]

(1) package Sugar in the Raw

(1) plastic fork

(1) burnt down stub of a candle. [Also might have sentimental value, but I had to draw the line somewhere.]


OK. So if someone wants this stuff back, just PM me or reply and tell me...


-the color of the cord the whistle is attached to

-the color of the sunglass case, and style


and for extra credit...


-which restaurant the book of matches is from


... and I'll figure it's yours and make arrangements to get it back to you. Sorry - unless you want to go dumpster diving, the trash stuff I threw away.


Oh... no Neutrinos though. Damn.



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Yeah thats all my stuff......did you find my 6 pack of Rainier beer aswell?

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Here's a shot of the face that some hardmen skied two days after the photo was taken. And I think there was a hardwoman in there somewhere climbing, too.


Oh... or did you mean a picture of the stuff. But then that would give away the super secret answers to the questions now, wouldn't it.

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Semantics. I didn't say the "men" skied the whole face. But to be fair...


Ahem... cough, cough...


Here's a shot of the face that a lone badass hardman skied two days after the photo was taken. Some other badass hardmen skiers waited and watched closer to the bottom. And I think there was a badass hardwoman in there climbing too... but not skiing.


There. smile.gif

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