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Road and mountain bikes for sale


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I've got two bikes for sale:


1. Gary Fisher Cronus: a really nice cromoly frame of 1995 vintage. Frame size is 16, which fits me perfect (I'm 5'11"). It has middle of the road components on it, XT leavers and brakes. It has old Judy RockShox. $200


2. A Bianchi Campione De Monde road bike. 57cm. Cromoly frame. Newer TTT handlebar, Titanium quill stem, group is a mix of older Campy and Shimano. The brakes leavers/shifting is made by MoDoLo. See here for a review on them:


New Michelin tires. $200


PM me for more details. I live in Seattle, so if you'll need to come pick them up here. Not interested in shipping them.

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These bikes are priced to sell. Yes, the bikes are fast, and you'll look good on them while saving the environment. Hurry up and buy these bikes, and increase your chances for winning a Nobel Peace Prize. If you buy the roadbike today, I'll throw in a brand new Shimano Ultregra front derailler, new in the box. If you buy the mountain bike, I'll let you choose these tires on it out of my fine selection. I can also help you get the bike adjusted to fit you as I built both of these along with my current fleet. It's time for you to step up and save the whales. Peace will not be possible in the middle east until you give up your oil consumption and buy one or both of my bikes. Here here....time to consume and support the American economy. I'll pump your funds back into the economy, thus improving any investments you and your family may have. These bikes are guaranteed. Make you feel grow taller. Buy. Consume. Do it.

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FYI, I have quite a few people lined up to check out the roadbike now, but if you're interested drop me a note. It is first come first serve, and I won't be bidding it up...it will go for the price I orginally offered it for....$1000 (ok, just kidding $200).


Right now I only have one person lined up to look at the mountain bike, which is just as sweet of a deal, IMHO. I paid $1200 for the mtn bike new in 1995...it is a really nice frameset.


thanks for everyone's interest in these sweet bikes.


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I am pleased to report that both of these fine steel stallions have found new homes and they are no longer for sale. However, don't think this lets you off the hook. I challenge you to work for peace in the middle east, and solving the worlds problems. You can do it one day at a time if it suits you. But continue on, and perhaps one day another deal such as the two recieved by the two that purchased these bikes come upon you. Until then, please try to do your part. I'll see what I can do on my end.

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