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How do I get to Muir?


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Dude, this is the newbies forum. Don't be such a dick. We all know your snotty opinions already.
Yeah be nice. I don't find it weird that someone would need to find out how to get to muir before they did a RMI deal or a summit attempt on their own. I have done rainier several times and I don't know how to get to anywhere on Baker. Gotta start somewhere. Also if it isn,t too late get your money back and shadow RMI with a couple of buddies and stay in the trough on a sunny day.
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Fuck you asshole. I never said it was a bad thing to do. boxing_smiley.gifboxing_smiley.gifboxing_smiley.gifboxing_smiley.gif


If you're climbing Rainier with RMI later then go for it...otherwise find something else to do.


Hey spicoli, have you ever climbed anything that wasn't a volcano...I didn't think so...wanker. wazzup.gif


Iapetus999 hiking to Muir is a good measure of your ability to climb the mountain...but not much more. Now thats what I'm talking about . Love this guy

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Hey AlpineK....that wasn't directed at you.....maybe you should stop posting and start climbing


I'd have to quit climbing and you'd have to quit your job for a few years so you could climb full time in order for you to catch up. yellaf.gif


Sorry folks Muir is alright, but there are many better places to go in the park, but that would require a non sheeplike attitude. wink.gif


Edit: Sorry for the delay in posting; I've been busy...working and climbing yellaf.gif

Edited by AlpineK
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That was a delay......I've surpassed you by now for sure....

I agree though....there are better places.....but hey.....I STILL only love climbing rotten stinky piles of pumice and ash....so I'm the expert on that.

I was actually responding to the tele guy all pumped up on his ego

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