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no I dont mean like atikins. I mean a change in the way Im eating.


Right now my diet consist of pasteries, pizza, beer and chips. I would really like to start eating better without losing too much energy and endurance (read: no loss of calories)


any suggestions?



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I lost over 20 pounds since January.

Most important, I stop eating before I get full, just one good serving, not a bunch of smaller ones.

Next, I never let myself get hungry. If you get hungry before a meal, eat a handfull of raw almods or something.

Avoid(not eliminate) anything with flour and processed sugar.

I did this, 20 pounds. I am never hungry and have lots of energy.

The first days are hardest, then after 2-3 days you'll notice that smaller meals keep you happy.

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I think one of the best posts was over on RC.com. Here's the link. Unfortunatly, I just finished drinking wine, beer, and soda, eating brownies, cake and a bunch of other crap.


It's all will power. We all know what is good for us, it's lack of will power that kills me, not lack of knowledge.


check this.




How to lose weight to improve your climbing

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my diet sucks too. what's wrong with flour? confused.gif


White flour has been stripped of most of it's nutritional content. My understanding is because of that the body processes it in such a fashion that it treats it more like a sugar with a higher insulin response.

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Just finished reading a really good book on hormonal enhancement thru diet.... definitely is causing me to rethink how I eat.




In summary it suggests cyclical carb loading 2 days/week, the other 5 days are low carb.


It also talks about exercise and advocates shorter but more intense workouts... similar to the www.crossfit.com approach. I'm giving this a try and will see how it works next season.

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I've lost 60 lbs and kept it off for 4 years. Eating less and doing more is the bottom line, but there are some tricks that help: I did it by eating small amounts all day to never let myself get hungry, not eating late in the day, increasing fiber, decreasing fat, decreasing simple carbs, increasing protein, and religiously reading labels to avoid eating anything that contained something I couldn't pronounce. Cardio exercise is also important and this article best represents what works well for me in terms of burning fat: http://walking.about.com/cs/fitnesswalking/a/hearttraining.htm


While it my seem trite, it really does involve a complete lifestyle change, one that you enjoy and can stick with the rest of your life.

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religiously reading labels to avoid eating anything that contained something I couldn't pronounce.


if this was useful diet advice wouldn't illiterate people be the skinniest ever? Geek_em8.gif


ps. good job on the weight loss bub thumbs_up.gif

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