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[TR] Castle Crags- 6/29/2005


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Climb: Castle Crags-


Date of Climb: 6/29/2005


Trip Report:

Photo TR. no words necessary. they look better if you go to my gallery and zoom in cuz things at the crags are really huge (especially the panoramas! gotta love photo stich technology).











Gear Notes:

bring tiny stuff for the runouts

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Nice, I've wanted to get there for a while. Looks like everything I thought it would be rockband.gif


Does anyone have any info on the possibility of a real guidebook for this area? Someone told me about one, but I think there were either assholes or idiots or both. Here's some good google returns for "Castle Crags"




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Falcon makes a series of pamphlets titled "classic rock climbs" and there's one for castle crags. pretty short though--maybe 25 pgs


It's not very detailed either. Notes on suggested pro, if present, tends to be stuff like "nuts more useful than cams", etc.

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The Falcon Press staple-back is the only current guidebook to the area. You can purchase it from the Fifth Season in Shasta.


You'll be disapointed is my guess, it's like 25 pages big, and the routes are not crowded into it to save paper either.

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Great Photos, did you manage to climb Powderline on Battle Mountain while you were down there. Best climb in the Castle Crags area imo


Better than the Dike Route?! I found the Dike Route to be rather excellent. I'd be curious to hear from anyone who has done both.

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10p 10a on battle mtn. you can see it up the forest service road. the ranger station at the state park enterance has a copy of the older guidebook w/topo and will xerox it for you. say hi to jenniffer, the pretty blond haired minx.

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I've found the best way to get crags info is through a pair of binoc's, bring long pants for the manzanita, and some trade goods for climb info, down at the store. The falcon guide is a miss print.


The guide sucks, no doubt, but what kind of "trade goods" are we talking about? Green and leafy?

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