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mtb's - enduro v. dawg?


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why don't you like Fox forx, Ken? I' just got my first one (Talas RL) and love it. most people seem to put them on equal footing with Marzocchi.


A decent shop will exchange things at the price difference.


actually I haven't found that to be true at all; some say noway, you gotta just buy the other parts separately. when I bought my Stumpjumper at Gregg's Greenlake, I wanted to swap out the SPD pedals for Times... they said they could only give me 20 bucks credit for the SPDs ... hellno3d.gif... not their full retail price of 80... said it was cause, even tho they were brand new (not even on a bike ont he floor yet), they couldn't be sold for retail prices cuz they weren't in their fancy, sleek box, they just came in the big box from Specialized. I finally got them to give me 50 bucks credit, which is close to REI's killer price on the same pedals, so ... that was all fine n' good.



sounds like some fun night riding there in Rwanda, Ken!!! first time I ever rode a motorcycle (well, for more than a 1/4 mile at least) was on rural roads in India... dodging laughing kids, cows, goats, oxen-carts, busses, etc. cantfocus.gif ... that was in daytime tho. tongue.gif

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thanks, ken4ord (and dave!) ... all good things to think about. i do think the frame is most important; i just get caught up in the cost of all the components as well. rwanda sounds pretty neat! thumbs_up.gif


Rwanda is pretty neat, not as neat as Zanzibar though. I just got back from a long weekend there. It was awesome, stunning sunsets, beautiful white sand beaches, rooftop dinner in Persian style setting, and we stayed in an old Sultan Palace. thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

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luwayo wrote in another thread:

BTW - which bike didya get?


didn't get either. decided the dawgs are just too big for me and not quite what i want. and after pricing out the non-stock components on the enduro pro i was looking at, i figured the girl was asking about $400 too much and she wouldn't budge more than $200. so i'm still looking. considering a jamis dakar at the moment. waiting for the pics as the person is out of town. (the valuations are so much more difficult when they're not stock components.) this bike has some nice upgrades, though, so i'm hopeful ...

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don't forget..you could always use my dood! he'll custom make what-ever you want!! Did ya ever e-mail him?

yeah; we've exchanged lots of emails. he makes great-looking bikes! but unfortunately he can't really build me what i want for what i want to pay so i'm continuing to look at used bikes. he actually turned me onto the dakar frames, as well as some others i hadn't looked at before, so he's been really helpful in that respect. thumbs_up.gif

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