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We did the ID on Thursday. Nothing difficult. Well, other than the normal 14k mountain stuff on an hour sleep. Followed two RMI groups. We left Muir at 2:30 and wished we had left earlier as the trip down was getting a little soft. We had one member stick a leg through once. RMI had one ladder with boards across a 4 footer. On the way down I speculated that we might be the last ones down ID this year. Things were getting soft fast. Anybody go yesterday, Friday?



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Did the ID on Friday. The best thing to do is to leave as early as possible, we left at 12:30am and it was beginning to get pretty sloppy on the way down even that early. The route will probably only be in for another week or so. Very direct right now, not too many sketchy crevasse crossings (one RMI ladder to cross @ 12,500ft, not bad tho). Hope that helps, have a great trip and be safe!

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Hey, Dulton! We must have passed you on Friday.


We went ID on Saturday morning. Crevasses are melting out fast. There were a couple that you've got to take a bit of a leap across. I would agree they'll start leading up DC within a week.


We had a team of 6 Rainier virgins and 4 summited. But man was it hot, when we got back to Muir!

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