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There's been a recall issued on some Grigri 2's. More informatin can be found here: http://www.petzl.com/us/page/recall-replacement-grigri-2-0'>http://www.petzl.com/us/page/recall-replacement-grigri-2-0





THANKS for the heads up....but your link, much like the GriGri 2's, is not working Chad. "REQUESTED PAGE NOT FOUND 404 ERROR" This one is active. http://www.petzl.com/us/outdoor/us/recall-replacement-grigri-2


"Petzl has issued a Recall for Replacement for all Petzl GRIGRI 2 units with the first five digits of the serial number between 10326 and 11136. Petzl recently became aware that excessive force applied to the lowering handle in the open position can cause internal damage that can disable the GRIGRI 2's assisted braking function. As a precautionary measure, Petzl is asking for the return of all affected GRIGRI 2's, to be replaced with revised versions. To date, seven such damaged GRIGRI 2’s have been reported worldwide, and no incidents as a result of this damage have been reported.


If you have a GRIGRI 2 with a serial number in this range, please stop use immediately and contact Petzl America at 1 (800) 932-2978 (toll free) or grigri2recall@petzl.com to initiate an exchange.


For more information, please visit: http://www.petzl.com/us/outdoor/us/recall-replacement-grigri2


While the potential risk of an incident due to this issue with the GRIGRI 2 is small, our total commitment to the safety of our users has led us to make this decision. With the summer climbing season just beginning, Petzl understands that this recall comes at an inconvenient time and we are working hard to ensure that everyone receives their replacement GRIGRI 2 as quickly as possible. Everyone at Petzl is committed to resolving this issue. We ask you to accept our sincerest apologies for this inconvenience, and we thank you for your continued support.


Please note that, to ensure we can respond to all questions, Petzl will not be answering questions directly on these forums. We ask that you direct any questions for Petzl on this matter directly to the email address and toll-free number above.




Justin Roth

Communications Manager

Petzl America


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Dynafit Radical:


Dear Dynafit community,


We are writing to inform you about an issue related to our new Radical bindings. We have discovered a quite specific and unlikely circumstance that can lead to the heel unit being damaged. Since identifying this issue, our international team has been working hard on understanding the issue and finding a solution.


After intensive testing, we are confident this identified damage DOES NOT present a safety risk. But at the same time, we aim to take a proactive leadership approach and as a result are communicating a “required technical upgrade of the Radical series”. This includes all bindings in the RADICAL series, including RADICAL ST, RADICAL FT, and SPEED RADICAL.


Details on the issue and the solution:



Issue: The damage can happen when the heel unit is subjected to forces in a particular way. This particular arrangement of forces is pretty rare. In the ascent mode (when the heel unit is in “lock” or “tour” position) the housing may be damaged if the unit is strongly impacted in a counter-clockwise direction (back towards “ski mode”) causing the internal PIN to strongly impact against the internal housing wall. Damage can only occur in ascent mode, not in the descent (or “ski” mode).


(Editor’s note from Lou: This is simply the pin that’s supposed to allow you to only rotate the heel unit in the clockwise direction, as indicated on top of the binding in red.)


Even if the housing is damaged, the binding should still release perfectly in any mode, and there is little danger of the heel unit detaching. Therefore this does not constitute an acute danger or risk for the skier. Essentially after the damage, the binding functions similar to a TLT Vertical binding which doesn’t have a PIN in the back unit (this “lock position” was introduced to prevent the inconvenient – and fairly rare – rotation of the heel unit back into ski mode, while touring).


Solution: The good news is we can eliminate the risk of damage. This is achieved by a quick and easy exchange of the small PIN which is within the heel housing. For bindings in the market, this exchange can be completed without having to return the bindings. Please see the attached visual and written description of the solution.


Details on next steps:


Dynafit inventory – We will hold additional sales of Radical bindings until our existing inventory has received this technical upgrade. We expect this will be complete by the second week of January (week of January 9). In the meantime, we have availability in Vertical ST and Vertical FT bindings.


Dealer inventory – We are requesting dealers also hold sales of current Radical bindings until they have completed the required technical upgrade. This upgrade can be completed after we ship the replacement PINS to dealers, with a target ship date of the second week of January (week of January 9).


In the meantime, dealers have the ability to sell the Vertical series of bindings. In addition to any dealer inventory, we have Vertical FT’s and ST’s in stock, as well as Speed Superlights.


Consumers – We are also requesting consumers with Radical bindings to undertake the required technical upgrade. This can happen in one of three ways:

We can send PINS to the consumer to replace themselves.

The consumer can bring the bindings to a retailer for the upgrade.

The consumer can call us for a return authorization, and then return the binding directly to Dynafit in Boulder, Colorado for the upgrade.


In the meantime and into the future of course, we will continue to honor any valid warranty claims for bindings that incur damage to the heel unit.


THANK YOU for your understanding and your partnership in working through this matter together. We appreciate your support, and we are at your service.


– Your team at Dynafit North America


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When I saw the photo for the BD nylon sling recall, my immediate reaction was to check whether it was April 1 today.

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