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Snow conditions on Emmons route


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The last couple of NPS climbing conditions reports have suggested taking skis or snowshoes up the Emmons route. I climbed Emmons last year in June, and the snow was very well consolidated up the InterGlacier/Emmons. I do realize how different the snowfall amounts have been this year.


Does anyone know about the snow conditions? I'm heading up next week, and would like to know if snowshoes are really needed.



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Purely a guess - but I'm thinking you wouldn't need them.


In past years, I've found that once "conditions" get posted on the website for a route, it takes an act of God (or a comment from this board to Gator wave.gif) for them to be removed. Things might get updated, but old info seems to still remain. Seems to me I've seen that "bring snowshoes" comment since the road opened to White River.


You could always hump the snowshoes into Glacier Basin, check out conditions, then if not needed ditch them in the woods somewhere to pick them up on your return.



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