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Adios Mis Amigos


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This weekend was probably my last time to visit Smith as a local. In two weeks I am headed to Las Vegas with my girlfriend. I am starting Pharmacy school there in the fall.


A little over five years ago I moved to the NW. I had led maybe one climb and was a staunch republican. Well, I guess the hippies got to me and I learned what alpine 5.9 was. Since then I have identified myself as “a climber” (whatever that really means) and taken to drinking coffee, wearing carharts, and grown web-toes. I am sad to be leaving this place.


I suppose Vegas is not the worst place for a climber to move to but I am still going to miss the NW. I will always identify myself with this place and have a special place in my heart for snafflehounds, horsecock, devilsclub, Fred’s FA list, and of course CC.com.


Thanks to everyone who put up with my arrogant, pompous youthful years. I have learned a lot from so many and had a great deal of fun. Stay in touch and know that you’ll always have a couch to crash on in Vegas-


Carpe Diem


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Have a great time Mr. T. Even though you can't ski you've always been cool. Always funny how you casually put up some hard stuff on the rock and act all modest about it. Your love of climbing of all kinds is infectious. Good luck and enjoy the skiing on Mt Charleston.

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Texplorer or should i say texplotita wink.gif


there are so many memories that I have that involve you and your contagious laugh and infectious spirit. I learnd more about what climbing means to me sitting arround my kitchen table looking at pictures and listening to you explain routes and techniques and systems to me than anywhere else except on the rock watching you climb and listening to you tell me agian that i can do it. I will miss you so much. I wish you and Dracula the best of everything life has to offer. remember that if i have a home you have a place to stay any time any where. Thing one and Thing two will miss you too. Be well my brother. my life is better for having known you, and keep the living room floor clear for me. I will be seeing you.



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