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Went bouldering in Hope for the first time this year.

'Twas dry, sunny and warm at first, and I managed to climb 5 or 6 problems, including one that I had cleaned but failed to climb last year.

Then I started doing some scrubbing. Alas, the moss was still wet and after removing some living carpets, all I could do was smear the mud underneath around rather than actually clean holds frown.gif

As I was sitting around thinking about trying a scary highball that I have fallen off before, I was saved by the arrival of a thunderstorm. I wondered about the potential for lightning bolts to seek out my 4 foot bubba brush, but decided I was safe since the shaft is made of wood... everything got wet rather quickly, time to quit climbing for the day and go for coffee.


I did christen my new freestanding "chalk purse". Works much better than a normal chalk bag for bouldering, especially with 3 blocks of chalk inside and the pipe stuck in the bottom pocket as a counterweight hahaha.gif. It has not one, but two, count em, TWO, toothbrush holders.... I am already anticipating the day when I can go leashless and attack a mossy problem with a toothbrush in each hand rolleyes.gifcantfocus.giffruit.gif

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I'm going to be back and forth from Hope for the rest of this month and through the May/June school semester so I'll be up for doing some climbing/scrubbing. I managed to squeeze a hike in before the storm hit today. Watch out for ticks.

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oh yeah, there are photos attached, didn't notice.


--but you sent photos of the the gear used! Please do not continue to enable my own sicko gearheadedness.


What kind of toothbrush is that?

Were the shoes comfortable, or were they exquisitely, piercingly painful?

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The question of what toothbrush makes a good bouldering brush is a question which cannot be overlooked.


Metolius has that M16 brush which is supposedly used to maintain rifles by the Army... however< i find it is too thin to be a good brush for local conditions. Perhaps it works OK for the desert where you are brushing sand and chalk off holds, but for coarse granite and moss it is substandard.


For local conditions large surface area and stiff bristles are beneficial. Ideally the brush will complement the functionality of a wire brush. One caveat is that dental hygenists recommend soft bristles, so it would be a mistake to buy a super stiff brush for your teeth, planning to use it down the line as a boulder brush.


Summarizing all of the above, an old "Reach" or private-label toothbrush can be stolen out of the mug on the sink counter and converted into a bouldering toothbrush. Pick one with a bent handle rather than a straight shaft. Firmer bristles are better. Finally, don't plan on using it for occasional toothbrushing afterwards. chalk and moss are not suitable for introduction to a mouth. Once a bouldering brush, there will be no going back.


With all that in mind, you can now consider fashion. My bouldering brush is purple, which nicely accessorizes the Goth blackness of my bouldering purse and A5 flip flops.

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