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Soft Shells and Layering


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I like to pack super light.

For years, my system was the standard poly-pro, gortex and warm jacket(down or synthetic) method.

I've been using soft shells for the last year and a half or so and have done ok in summer and winter.

However, I want to streamline my system.

My goal is to have a sytem thats light as humanly possible and still stay warm and relatively dry (staying home and watching tv is not an option!).


Right now for winter I use a polyester T-shirt, a long sleeve half zip stretchy base layer top and bottom (powersheild?), patagonia Guide Pants, REI Minstral Jacket, and a primaloft jacket. Sometimes I throw in the pack a little plastic parka. Weighs like 1 ounce or somthing.

I usually just wear the the T-shirt and the Shells and everything else sits in the pack until camp.

I have summer down. I just wear my Shells and have the longsleeve base layer in my pack.

Experience, tricks and thoughts are appreciated.

Again, I'm a minimalist and want to keep it simple and light. Thanks!

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Burlap sack, and plastic trash bag....

Plastic trash bag can be used when:

*you drop your plastic outershell 2000 feet...

*You want to wade river-hop scotch-

*rain jacket

*makeshift bivy sac/shelter

*Put around your head after you run out of food, and realize its better just to get it over with

How many uses does that one ounce parka have??? a trash bag weighs one ounce, and has how many uses? versatility is god cantfocus.gif

Burlap sack-

* It looks cool for all the chix in a new age, artistic, in vogue sort of way... "everyones gotta Ferrari, but how many have a 67'shelby?"- you would be a conisouir hahaha.gif

Bring lots of duct tape also

* wrap around water bottle, fix trash bag quickly

*put it over your mouth when the bitching gets soo loud because you went tooo light

* finally end-up wraping whole body with duct-tape when plastic trash bag deteriorates, creating a perfectly formed custom suit, until the circulation is cut off to all extremities including your head, at which point you black-out, in the pooring rain, weaing nothing but duct tape and a burlap sac...


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