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Grivel Taa-K-oon Review -- Any Takers?


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Since these tools have just hit the market, I've been unable to find much feedback on these tools online -- short of, of course, testimonials by climbers...sponsored by Grivel.


Has anyone used these tools who could give detailed feedback? At the moment, I'm not in a place where I can run out and just demo these -- so, discussions of balance, swing, comparisons to other tools etc, etc would be of much help

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I demo'd a pair at Ouray on Saturday, had them for a mixed clinic. The swing felt much more like a traditional ice tool than did the Fusions, Ergos or Trangos that I tried. Swing felt much closer to my Cobras than the others. Balance is great. The stock (Mixte??) pick sucks, has a very wide, pretty blunt end that would require a great deal of modification to suit me, especially for pure ice. I think Grivel (this was my first real try with Grivel tools) have a much better pick than that available, but not stock on this tool. The trigger finger was pretty cool, though it's not very good to use for switching hands. All in all, I thought it was the best tool I tried last week.

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