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[TR] colchuck lake- nothing 12/6/2004

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Climb: colchuck lake-nothing


Date of Climb: 12/6/2004


Trip Report:

5 days after having a hernia operated on i decided i needed to get out... so risking bleeding to death internaly, due to stiches popping , nick (skyclimb) and i headed up from corvallis, to b-ham to get some boots from distel, then finally to the colchuck lake trailhead. long day of driving, we camped at the trailhead. woke the next morning to sunny skys and decided to head in to colchuck lake with no real objective, as i was still pretty damn sore. slowly worked out way through a little bit of snow up to the lake and set up a camp. woke up to about 6 inches of freshies with more comin down and decided to go for the colchuck glacier route. we got to the top of the talus and i decided it would be best for me if we turned back as my leg was going numb due to circulation problems, so we headed down... better safe than sorry. nick had fun bouldering around but being not so limber i couldnt really joing in :P

we hiked around for the rest of the day, and headed back to camp where we made a fire wich was a crucial move. woke up the next morning to a bit of a storm and a foot or so of some fresh white stuff. we hiked out via the frozen lake, saw 4 people headed up to ski colchuck glacier. we went back into leavenworth not really sure what to do, so we decided to head into the sausage fest in seattle, had a great time there, thanks so much pax for letting us stay at your place smile.gif the next day we awoke and headed home with a little stop at rocky butte in pdx for some dry toolin fun. here are some pictures....



mmm popeyes
















Gear Notes:

quite a bit of stuff, ski poles where a crucial part of my success as a bitching cripple


Approach Notes:

snowy trail

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Nice pics but can I inform you that if you were having a fire burning up in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness that is bad form. The area is very sensitive and fires are prohibited above the 5000 ft. level. That include Colchuck lake and Stuart lake

hey dweeb can't you see that fire is levitating, like kinda floating and shit.

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Low impact camping is always a good practice. No judgements on where or when. Building a fire in an already trampled area probably isn't going to hurt much unles you are on some roots or deep pine needles or duff. No great news there. But why not get somewhere away from where anyone will see the remains and build it in rocks without moss or veggies near by? The Colchuck area gets a lot of abuse but mostly from people whose crime is to be camping in the same place everyone else camps. Which is pretty much limited by the FS anyway. There is a great basin south of the lake and above the little pond about a thousand feet. Huge boulders piled three and four deep with ample firewood and huge bivy caves and no trace potential abounding. Up on the ridge there are great views of the N side of Stuart etc.

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... thanks so much pax for letting us stay at your place smile.gif...




Hey, I just found this TR. I guess I haven't been keeping up with cc.com the way I used to. Anyway, you are welcome. Cheers.


I hope Patagonia treats you well!


Nick, what the hell are you up to these days?





Chimney bouldering in the snow with hexes on the belt and a recent hernia operation? Priceless!



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