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We missed Dru's presence

at Rope Up this year--

who'll bring the tall tales

and boxing day cheer?

Without him we were lost

wandering round

but a strange brew or two

brought us around

Dinner was terrible

without HP Sauce

but one more great white northerner--

what's the big loss?

It took two of us foos

to not cook the Canajun bacon

which tastes super good-

no mad cow can fake it

Who else could spray

on topics from A to Zeta,

if not for the Druster

and his pet moose Beta

But you was there in spirit

which is just as well--

fern still brought the kokanee

and that vague flannel smell...


PS. I prefer to call it "ambling."



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Catbirdseat is pedantic

his discourses abound

But don't fret if you missed it

the first time around

There will be other chances-

like now...and now

Surely a point will arrive

by the fourth go-round?

Still chemistry can be fascinating-

about the world it does tell

As he'll explain again and again

as you exist in your own private hell

Of course I am kidding

I hope you know that by now,

bring your earplugs along cause he'll

drive you insane faster than the maddest of cows



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Any nod to the Tricky

Is bound to get sticky,

And to compete with Sir Bill

One should first pop a pill, mushsmile.gif

A response to that Dru

Would invite more Haiku,

So with all due respect to that sober Berdinka

And apologies to Seuss, I just sorta thinka

It’s best if I take my lame rhymes with peak names

To a new thread instead and don’t sully your games.

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