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Good winter insulated jacket -- recommendations?


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I've been contemplating the same issue and have compiled a quick inventory of jackets that I'm considering that may be of some help. I'm leaning towards the FF Helios or Volant jacket with the Mt. H. Phantom in close second. I'm a little unsure if I need baffled construction.

I haven't considered 3D because of my experience with a shitty bag. The 3D tended to consolidate and create cold spots. This could be the result of a cheep bag! I'm not ruling 3D out that quick… I picked up the Mt. Hardwear Chugach pants and have only used them on a few outing… the verdict is still out. Nice pants not sure if they will keep my cold ass warm enough in the tough conditions. I tend to have ice in my bloodstream so I may lean for a heavier layer. After reading a few of these praise comments I may reconsider the down vs. 3D debate.


The attached word doc. illustrates the pros.(green) and cons.(red).


I hope this is helpful.


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I just purchased an EMS Primaloft One Belay Parka that is total jacket weight 30oz. I have used TNF Nuptse and MH SubZero Parka but have been wanting to try a Primaloft Jacket. I climb in the northeast and sub-zero temps are common. I will test it out this winter with the idea that I will take it to Denali in June. Suggested retail $175 current sale price $87



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One thing I would change (I'm not sure if the new design offers this) is insulate the pockets... mine has the pockets outside of the insulation so my hands don't stay warm inside the pockets unless I have gloves on.

They fixed this..... by getting rid of the pockets. confused.gif

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How does the Mt. Hardwear Chugach jacket compare in warmth with Patagonia DAS and Golite 6 month? Would it be warm enough for the cascade volcanos in the winter?


Even if the temp ratings on sleeping bags are messed up it would be nice if there was something similar on jackets.

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