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Chicken Lips?


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Jason martin and I climbed it. it is good and well protected. combine the last two pitches.

it is in the painted bowl above and to the left of black orpheus, or to the right of the Eagle Wall. don't approach from the eagle wall, rather approach it from the black orpheus decent. 2 hours from car.

or better yet....climb black orpheus (goes very quickly) and start the descent. you may have to do a rap or two,, o can't remember. anyway, as you traverse left from the black o', look up for the painet bowl. you have to climb an easy corner/chimney (soloable) to attain the painted bowl.

have fun, and walk off the top to the top of the canyon, it's actually a fun descent.

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Any memories of what else was on that ledge?

If my memories are correct, A fine looking (and possibly unclimbed) crack to roofy flare thing takes off from that stance.


And just for the record, I was seconding the first pitch, climbing it in 4 minutes. (we were speeeed climbing)


where's your gps record and 3 witnesses then? this website seems to summon up these unsubstantiated speed claims. i hope you had a good harness for your dog. bigdrink.gif

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